This Is What You Must Do With Leather Chesterfield Sofa Bed

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Leather Chesterfield Sofa BedYour leather chesterfield sofa bed must not be treated like other sofas you have at home. It is not because of the sacredness of the luxurious and classic sofa bed, but rather due to its value as an antique and authentic furniture. You have invested a lot of your money on that piece of sofa bed, which automatically urges you to take care of it carefully.

But how could we perform the maintenance by ourselves? Is that even possible to take care of it with our basic knowledge about leather furniture? Check this one out.

  • Primary Cleaning and Dusting

It is certain that you must have your leather chesterfield sofa bed cleaned and dusted regularly. And fortunately, you can do it yourself. Keep calm and relax. It is not a task that requires a high degree. What you need to have is merely patience and also meticulousness. As you have both of them, then the rest will be much easier to be done.

Use a dry clean cloth to wipe off the dust left on deep-buttoned crevice, nooks, crannies and other hidden spots. Don’t use harmful cleaning chemicals such as solvents, detergents, ammonia, bleach and furniture polish on your leather chesterfield sofa bed as they may only leave damages on its surface.

Leather Chesterfield Sofa BedYou can also get help from vacuum cleaner to remove leftover dust and debris on several tiny spaces which cannot be reached by damp cloth cleaning. Vacuum’s hose attachment can be installed when you have to make sure that the hidden spots are also free from dust.

  • Leather Conditioner

Do you know that leather has its special conditioner in order to preserve its good and shiny look? Leather conditioner is much recommended to be applied on your leather chesterfield sofa bed. That will prevent the leather from drying out and cracking so quickly due to a number of reasons such as heat. You can use this substance every six or 12 months.

  • Stain-Remover

Sometimes we cannot prevent stains from discoloring and even damaged our chesterfield sofa. That is why you should find a way of how to remove the stains. Every stain on leather furniture requires specific chemicals and treatments in order to be removed. Dry and soft cloth can be used to wipe off liquid just a moment after it is spilled.

Meanwhile, stains from butter, oil and grease must be removed with clean soft cloth which is left there for a few minutes from absorb the substance. If the stains left, then you must call a professional cleaner to help you.

  • Away From Direct Sunlight

There is another better way to avoid your leather chesterfield sofa bed from drying out. That’s by keeping it away from direct sunlight. The leather’s color will fade away much quickly if it is exposed to sunlight and even heat which is constant and high. By understanding this basic information, you are expected to have more concern to your luxe chesterfield sofa bed.

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