The Differences Between Velvet and Velour Chesterfield Sofa

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Velour Chesterfield SofaThere are a number of choices of sofa that one can select when he or she wants to have a nice looking and comfortable sofa at their house. However, the trend is that many people want to spend less money for something that worth more than the money that they want to pay. Therefore, there are quite a number of people who choose to have velour chesterfield sofa instead of the velvet one. So, what are the differences?

Look at how the quality of velour chesterfield sofa different from that of velvet

Velour is a material that is created to match the look of a velvet, but with a cheaper price than velvet. Of course, the budget cut from this material comes with a price. When you compare the quality of the velour and that of the velvet, once can notice which one is velvet and which one is velour. This is also the case when someone decides to buy the velour chesterfield sofa instead of the velvet one. Even though he or she wants to have a sofa that has the same look of a velvet sofa, when they touch the cushion, they will be able to differentiate which one is the velour chesterfield sofa and which one is the velvet.

How to differentiate the look of a velour chesterfield sofa from the velvet one

The real deal is that if you want to buy the velvet sofa but you do not know how it feels and how it looks like, you need to know how to differentiate it with the velour one. This is because you may find that some bad sofa manufacturing companies say that the chesterfield sofa that they sell is velvet even though in reality it is a velour.
The shine of velour and velvet

Velvet Velour Chesterfield SofaWhen you go to the store, you need to see the difference between how the velour chesterfield sofa and how the velvet sofa looks like. Based on the research, the velvet, because it is more expensive, has the ability to shine while the velour does not have the same quality in its shininess.

Thus, you can see it from afar how the two are different. However, in order to see the difference, you have to have the comparison. You cannot tell that this sofa is the velour if there is no velvet around unless you have trained your eyes to notice that.

You will see that the Velour sofa is more stretchy

Another characteristic of a velour chesterfield sofa is that it is stretchy when it is compared to its velvet counterparts. The good thing about velour based on this fact is that the velour is famously known to be used for items that put more effort on being comfortable. Thus, if you want to have a sofa that is comfortable, the velour sofa should be your choice.

However, if you want to have a sofa that will shine its luxury into the room in where you put the sofa, you will need to think about the velvet chesterfield sofa instead of velour chesterfield sofa because velvet has known to be used for creating luxurious fabrics.

So, are you ready to find your best sofa?

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