Red Chesterfield Sofa Is A Perfect Pair For Dramatic-Look Rooms

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Red+chesterfield+sofasBesides black, there is another dramatic and sexy basic color you can adopt to accentuate your modern-themed living room. That is red. The right red shade will bring that elegance, femininity, excitement, passion, and sexiness into your room. If you can find it perfect pairs, either furniture of furnishings, then you could get what your deepest desire wants.

That is why red chesterfield sofa is offered to you. Red and chesterfield sofa have that potential to complete one another. If a chesterfield sofa is highly associated with luxury, then we all know that blood red is a perfect match. But how could we bring them to life?

For whoever of you feeling confused or even clueless about how to invite a red chesterfield sofa into your most private room, we got you these following décor ideas.

  • Contemporary Inviting Family Room

In a family room, you can gather with all your family and watch Netflix while enjoying the soft-padded red velvet chesterfield sofa. The long red chesterfield dominated the room’s layout and also view. Its striking dramatic color makes appeals everyone to sit or lie on it as they are watching their favorite shows.

A brown leather ottoman puts beside the sofa to put your favorite books. The ottoman stretched long as the length of the sofa so that you do not have to fill the room with any other furniture. The two of them have been enough to accompany you during your TV time.

  • Bold-Colored Living Room

Red+chesterfield+sofas+2Sometimes we do not want to just be different. We want to also be bold, and that is why someone out there has created an idea to fill his living room with bold-colored furniture and fixture, not exceptionally a red chesterfield sofa. The chesterfield sofa is even contrasted with the dark blue-painted wall, where a super large watercolor portrait is hung.

The sofa is paired with another smaller purple sofa which faces a uniquely-shaped glossy wooden table. Two vintage armchairs are put by another side of the red chesterfield sofa which acts as the focal point of the room. Dark chocolate, purple, and dark blue are all coordinated with red to accentuate the bold dramatic atmosphere.

  • Red In White

Magically, white can be paired with almost any color, including red. Hence, a red velvet chesterfield sofa is invited into a family room all painted in white. With a fireplace near the sofa, the warmth and comfort are irresistible. Velvet is just everywhere in this room. Even the two grey Milton chairs to complete the sofa is covered in velvet upholstery.

Behind the red chesterfield sofa, tall windows are installed to unite nature outside and warmth inside. In order to avoid making the room look full, a rounded glass coffee table is chosen to be paired with the sofa and the result is marvelous.

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