Real Or Fake: Antique Leather Chesterfield Sofa

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Antique Leather Chesterfield Sofa

An antique leather chesterfield sofa is indeed an investment. This sofa can survive for multiple eras. Its beauty has not yet gone from houses’ living room and home owners’ hearts. But what if you buy the fake product? Will it still be there with you in your house even after a century like the real products do? Don’t be so sure. And that is why we push you to get the real ones, which have these following characteristics.

Being exposed to both original and fake products, we somehow need to manage ourselves while choosing the best one. This is one of the greatest dilemma modern people have to face in daily basis; and it is certainly not a pleasant experience to endure. However, buying one fake or imitation chesterfield sofa would teach you something sooner or later.

  • Distinguishable Look

A real antique leather chesterfield sofa can be checked its originality only from its appearance. The real chesterfield sofas created by widely-known chesterfield sofa manufacturers have that grandiose structure, with scrolled arms and buttoned rolled back. Both its arms and back also have the same height.

Antique Leather Chesterfield SofaBesides, you can try to observe the sofa’s polished and luxurious look while judging its authenticity. Most original chesterfield sofas can also be identified if they have 8 feet length. The original versions could also be available in two and three unit options.

  • Quality Distinctive Upholstery

No matter what upholstery material used by a particular trusted chesterfield sofa company, it must be in high quality. That said, if the sofa uses leather, then it usually has those natural flaws of a hand-cut dyed leather indicating that it is a real material.

It also works for other fabrics, such as velvet which can obviously be identified its quality with our bare eyes. Padding can also be the object of your observation. Most antique leather chesterfield sofa manufacturers today use urethane foam as padding.

  • Detailed and Careful Craftsmanship

If you dare to take a little closer into the chesterfield sofa’s details, then you could probably see clearer traces of its originality or its imitation marks. A real chesterfield sofa must be produced in such a high quality, registered and committed chesterfield sofa company. It means, their work must be all perfect and flawless.

From the frame, to its corners, all parts and glued and screwed very perfectly. The sofa is also finished and polished very neatly, making it looks like a human’s art masterpiece. We cannot really identify the look, but we believe that you have the capability to differentiate high quality craftsmanship from imitations.

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