Is Yours An Authentic Chesterfield Sofa?

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Genuine Chesterfield SofaCan you tell that your chesterfield is genuine? Or can you convince your guests if the chesterfield sofa you place in your living room is the real one and not the face product? Well, that could be rather hard to handle, but you actually can. There are some sort of characteristics or standards you can use to convince yourselves that authentic chesterfield sofa is real.

However, here are several hints for you to learn from :

  • Obvious Excellence

It goes without saying that an authentic chesterfield sofa can be examined from distance. Even from several meters away, you are able to tell one as having the real attributes. A genuine chesterfield sofa has those scrolled arms with rolled backs. Both of them have the same height, which becomes one of its most notable characteristics.

Moreover, you also will see deep leather-clad and polished button tufting on the back, fronts, arms and even seat cushions. The tufts are often in diamond-shaped. And lastly, from its outer look, an authentic chesterfield sofa has length about 8 feet. It can be longer than that, depending on the modification.

  • Inside’s Look

But, outer look may not be enough to state once chesterfield sofa as original. You get to look deeper into its craftsmanship to make sure that it is a real product. But it is rather hard to explain. To be able to decide that your sofa has quality craftsmanship, it requires you to go over experiences so that you can tell yourselves which one is in bad quality and which one is in good quality.

Original Chesterfield SofasIn details, you can see neat stress points, glue and wood screws. Moreover, the real chesterfield sofa also has hand-applied finish so that it looks incredibly gorgeous. Other materials’ look may depend on what kind of material it is. But, don’t worry. You will have the skill.

  • Numbered Products

it is very possible for a trustworthy chesterfield sofa manufacturer to complete their products with serial number. It works like an identity or tag for the particular sofa, so that you can make sure that the authentic chesterfield sofa is really produced by the known manufacturer.

In addition, this tag also marks the manufacturer’s professionalism in keeping up with approved manufacturing techniques. Keep in mind that only real authentic chesterfield sofa that is worth this tag. So, don’t be surprised if you have to pay high for that sofa.

  • Quality Coverings

Hey, is that hard for you to distinguish quality coverings from those in bad quality? No, it will not be that hard as it is pretty obvious for most people. An authentic chesterfield sofa has hand-cut and dyed leather coverings. That is why it looks so smooth, and carefully done.

While you are sitting on it, the evidence is even clearer. The padding is so soft that you feel reluctant of leaving it. Just wide open all your sensitive senses and you will be able to distinguish the authentic ones.

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