How Chesterfield Sofa Becomes A Legend

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Chesterfield+sofa+historyIt is rather compelling to discover the origin of chesterfield sofa; the sofa with deep-buttoned back of which height the same as the arms’ height. The chesterfield sofa history is somehow confusing, as there are various opinions proposed to answer where the name came from and who the real initiator or designer is.

But judging from the eye-catching presentation of the chesterfield sofa, we are somehow intrigued by the luxe design as well as the expensive-looking materials. And what we could tell about this sort of furniture is that their luxurious properties are not made for ordinary needs.

  • Tracing Back To Chesterfield Sofa’s Origin

Let us start from the name of the sofa; Chesterfield. It is believed that the chesterfield sofa history started back when Lord Phillip Stanhope which was known as the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, ordered a piece of custom sofa which have the qualities he expected.

It is said that the Earl of Chesterfield desired to have a piece of furniture which could make his guests sit upright against the straight buttoned back. That is why chesterfield sofas as we can see today look very rigid and masculine. In addition, the tight upholstery which gives us comfort while sitting on it does not wrinkle even if we roll from one side to another.

It is said to be one of the requests Earl of Chesterfield mentioned to his craftsman so that his gentlemen could sit comfortably and manly at the same time. If you get a chance to see a real antique chesterfield sofa manufactured in the 1800s, you will be able to witness the original shape of this antique sofa with its real rolled arms, nail head trim, deep buttoned upholstery also back and arms which have the same height.

  • Behind The Chesterfield Sofa History

Chesterfield+sofa+history+2With all those mentioned qualities, a chesterfield sofa could remain ageless for centuries. Today, lots of homeowners are still craving for chesterfield sofa with colors and upholstery they desire. From leather to velvet, and even fabric, chesterfield sofa has not yet ceased to stun its spectators.

Despite the confusing chesterfield sofa history, we should not forget how the sofa has made our days. Chesterfield sofa is undoubtedly classic. The sofa symbolizes a definite kind of style. It has become an icon of luxury and antiquity which is hard to deny.

Chesterfield sofa history may be started 200 years ago, but today we still could trace back the beauty of this grandiose sofa. There is a tip we want you to consider about cooperating with chesterfield sofa for your lovely rooms. If you plan to accentuate classic style you have in your living room, then pick leather chesterfield sofa with any color you like to emphasize the room’s theme.

Similarly, modern chesterfield sofa will suit perfectly well when situated in a contemporary modern living room. Pair it with glass and modern furnishings to stun your guests.

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