Gorgeous Décor Styles With Black Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

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Black Velvet Chesterfield SofaIt is somehow quite interesting to go with some gothic-styled furniture, even if your house or room is not even looking like one. In addition, putting a piece of black velvet chesterfield sofa in your living room would not scare out your guests. Instead, they will eventually adore your choice and compliment you on making such marvelous decision.

Yet, what sort of room décor can you employ with the remarkable sofa?

  • Monochromatic Shabby Living Room

Young souls would not mind welcoming their guests in a shabby but chic living room where black and white dominate the room’s atmosphere. This type of living room presents some kind of ambience showing the freedom of the homeowners. And that is exceptionally gorgeous.

In order to realize that mission, you must consider bringing in a black velvet chesterfield sofa, paired with one or two white Milton chairs and elliptical glass coffee table. There, right on the table, you can choose to pile up your books, as decoration mean or simply because you want them there.

Black Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Truthfully, they are looking pretty great on the table. Plus, think about hanging some abstract paintings and bohemian chandelier above the chesterfield sofa.

  • Traditional Monochromatic Living Room

Every time we think about black velvet sofa, we cannot rid of monochromatic theme. Even if we could, it is hard to disassociate this black piece of furniture with a sexy black-and-white room décor. Consequently, if you have the sofa to be put in your existing traditional living room, you would be thinking of changing the most part of your living room.


And what you can do with this décor idea is replacing your old furry Moroccan rug with a plain white rug, which is paired with a little low coffee table and a monochrome ottoman. Meanwhile, the black velvet chesterfield sofa would act as the room’s focal point. It is only a golden minimalist chandelier hung on the ceiling which can draw attention from the majestic velvet chesterfield sofa.

  • ‘Black in Wood’ Living Room

Has it ever crossed your mind that a black velvet chesterfield sofa is dramatically perfect in a rustic living room? If not, then just imagine that you are standing in a rustic living room with high ceiling, where all sides of walls are made of hardwood. With that brown shade and natural pattern, these walls look incredibly gorgeous as a black velvet sofa put side by side with them.

It does not only look sexy. This chesterfield sofa with the soft and comfy material, is able to spread out warm atmosphere to the whole room. Everyone sitting on it would be astonished by such beauty, wondering if they could have one for themselves too.

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