Four Room Decorating Ideas With Majestic Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

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Velvet+chesterfield+sofasVelvet Chesterfield sofa is a truly good idea for home owners who are willing to replace the antique look served by leather Chesterfield sofa with a homey and soft material. Velvet is even liked by many people for its inviting texture. It makes everyone looking at it be absorbed and dragged to feel its convenience.

It is not so easy to dissociate Chesterfield sofa from leather upholstery which we all have known very much integrated with the English-styled sofa. It does not say that leather Chesterfield sofa is downright outdated and a bad idea for current furniture trend. Instead, there may be something else to accompany the popular leather sofa, and that is velvet.

But how can we style velvet Chesterfield sofa UK for our living room design? Will they be compatible with any room concept in our house? Let us take a look.

  • Rustic Modern Living Room

With shades of brown and cream dominating a rustic modern living room, a cream-colored velvet Chesterfield sofa with no legs is undoubtedly a perfect match. The tufted sofa is added with several matching-colored cushions with different sizes. The sofa becomes the center of the room, put against the high windows and grey curtains hung from the ceiling. Beside the velvet sofa, a ceiling-height book shelves made of hardwood is attached to the wall to contrast the cream look brought by the soft and convenient sofa.

  • Two Colors, Two Velvet Vibes

Velvet+chesterfield+sofas+2For a country-styled living room, wood and bricks are two inevitable elements that have to be present. But it does not mean that you cannot add pops of colors to the natural-look room. Two 2-unit velvet Chesterfield sofas come in two colors, burgundy and grey will make a terrific statement in the room. They are looking so simple and elegant at the same time. Placed across the room’s hearth, the two velvet sofas welcome the whole family to sit together while enjoying cups of hot chocolate.

  • Chocolate Velvet Sofa For A Small Room

It can be your small private reading room or your home’s minimalist living room where you can put a two-unit chocolate velvet Chesterfield sofa. The grandiose sofa looks remarkably cozy with several cushions stacked on it and a wooden rounded coffee table placed against it. Not only that, to add a dramatic look to the small space, the wall behind the velvet sofa is painted in pleasantly deep-ocean blue. It contrasts to the all-chocolate themed furniture filling the room.

  • Deep Cobalt Velvet Sofa

If you are planning to visit a store offering velvet Chesterfield sofa sale, then try to find one with deep cobalt color. The color tone is so majestically beautiful paired with wooden furniture which is cut so naturally that it seems like it did not go through manufacturing process. The velvet Chesterfield sofa does definitely become the focal point of the rustic-themed living room with white fixture everywhere.

Whatever your choice is, velvet Chesterfield sofa can certainly be your main option to stun your guests and bring your whole family home.

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