Antique But Modern Chesterfield Sofa You Must Have

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classic+chesterfield+sofaTime has proven us how brilliant chesterfield sofas pass through every age with that luxury and antiquity. The sofa which is best recognized with its padded arms which have the same height as the tufted buttoned back looks inevitably intricate and expensive.

Well, let us get rid of that pricing quality, as we are going to get you understand about what you will need to concern more. And that is about chesterfield sofa’s types. You might not be able to guess before that not all chesterfield sofa is antique. If you have always defined antique chesterfield sofa as that sofa which have survived through the years and stay unbreakable, then you are wrong.

  • Classic Chesterfield Sofa

What you would likely call as classic chesterfield sofa is those with leather upholstery. This one may help you define that old chesterfield sofa you have ever seen on vintage movies. But classic chesterfield sofa is not that old. These sofas are made during this current age.

But yes, it is true that somehow this sofa looks undeniably antique with that shiny, well-manufactured leather. Why choose this upholstery? Because leather is easy to clean and even if it is worn out, you are going to be granted that classy marvelous look. As long as you can perform good maintenance to the antique chesterfield sofa, then it will stay with you for as long as possible.

Another good news is, when you have decided to cooperate with antique chesterfield sofa for your living room, it can almost be suitable with every living room concept, from contemporary to industrial, or vintage to rustic. If you want to consider another fabric for the upholstery, velvet can be a good choice for a more feminine living room.

classic+chesterfield+sofasWhat distinguishes this sofa design with the previous antique chesterfield sofa is on its modern curves. Some interior designers seek ways of twisting the look of that old chesterfield sofa into more modern so that it can blend more flexibly with more modern room themes.

You should not worry about losing the antique or old look of the legendary sofa as this old chesterfield sofa remains with its buttoned back and luxurious tufting. It is just how we try to experiment with the original design and come out with a gorgeous hybrid design of antique chesterfield sofa.

There is no need to worry about pairing this modern antique chesterfield sofa with other furniture and furnishings in your room. The modern-version of chesterfield sofa can also work perfectly well with any room design. Judging from the recent trend of living room décor ideas, modern but old chesterfield sofa is the best choice you can have for the contemporary classy living room.

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